Digsby: Finally a good IM application!

OK, so I know anyone who uses any instant messaging clients has got to hate the fact that there are so many different methods and protocols used out there.  About 90% of the people I talk to use msn messenger. However, almost all of my affiliate managers use AIM!

Now most of you will say well that’s not a big deal, check out trillian, pidgin, or one of the many other multi protocol instant messaging clients…

The answer I have to that question however is…these clients SUCK!  I know they are trying their best, and most of them are open source…but what matters is that none of these programs do what I want……until recently.

I had a friend recommend that I try Digsby, a really new instant messaging platform.  Its a bit different than the most though.  Not only will this control and organize ALL of your instant messaging accounts, it also works for your facebook, myspace, twitter….and other accounts!

The best thing I can tell you is to go check it out for yourself, since I imagine you are thinking to yourself right now, how can you incorporate facebook and twitter into a instant messaging app.

Oh yeah, AND digsby offers this sweet widget service where you can embed "live chat" boxes into any website.  As long as you are running your digsby client, you can offer live chat on a website and have instant communication with your prospects.

I know this may not be useful in every one of your campaigns, however if you have any high cost leads or your own products and they really matter, you actually CAN offer a form of live support…for free!

If you want to check this feature out, check out my contact page, I have embedded a live chat box there so you can take a look.

Keyword Discovery’s Free Tool Loses Functionality

I have for a long time now used Keyword Discovery’s free search tool for most of my keyword research.  I took a decent break there for awhile and hadn’t thrown up any campaigns for awhile.  The other day though when I went to search for some certain keyword phrases I found the tool displaying this on many of the terms I was searching for: Search error: This search function requires a KeywordDiscovery subscription.

I didn’t really dig in depth to find out what all triggered that message instead of search results to be displayed, but I did find that if you search for anything .com it will display it.  I have started looking around for my new #1 free keyword research tool.  I know there are tons out there but so many are just junk that are more inaccurate than accurate.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to use please pass along your expertise.  Who knows maybe I will have to belly up for Keyword Discovery’s $70 a month charges to test out their actual pay service.  If its worth it and will help me increase my revenue, I will gladly pay that monthly fee.

Affspy rocks my socks off!

Less than 12 hours ago I posted a simple review on Affspy.com because I thought this was a very useful little tool.

Stephen, the CEO and Founder of Affspy ran across my post and emailed me a free press preview account.  I have now gotten to dig in and check this out a bit and I would like to say IT IS NICE!

This is a tool I will definitely be using regularly when working with any CPA offers.  I have been aware since the beginning that different networks have different payouts.  I have always done a great job of checking all of that out before putting an offer up.  However, I already found three offers I have up which I am not getting the highest payout thanks to my new account at Affspy.

When Stephen emailed me, he also informed me of a couple of things I wasn’t aware of, and would like to pass this on to everyone reading this.

First of all, AffSpy plans to keep its core services free for affiliates. This is not just limited to beta testers as I had previously heard and posted about in my last post.

Second, Stephen started creating AffSpy and at the time there were no other similar tools. Affspy was not intended to be a copycat of any existing service (like Affiliate Radar’s offer vault). As of right now it is the best tool available of its kind and has many unique features you can’t find anywhere else.

You can check out Affspy’s press release at affspy.com/blog for any new information.

Affspy vs. Affiliate Radar’s offer vault

Well my last post brought up how you could use Affiliate Radar to get the Yahoo import feature enabled on your account without spending the required monthly amounts.  One of the only things that I would actually use at Affiliate Radar is the offer vault that they have.  The offer vault basically goes through all of the affiliate networks and finds the highest payout for whatever offer you are looking for.  This is a GREAT help since most of the networks have quite a bit different payout rates.  The only downfall to this is that Affiliate Radar is a fairly spendy service and I certainly don’t want to pay whatever monthly fee they charge for something I can take an extra couple of minutes to accomplish myself.

Here is where Affspy.com comes to save the day.  They have started a service that does exactly what offer vault from Affiliate Radar does, except that is what Affspy’s main focus is….finding the best offer out of all the networks.  The best thing is that right now if you sign up for the beta testing its free.  I don’t know the owners of this site and am not promoting it in any way, I just think it is a very useful little free tool.

If you know of any other sites or programs that can do this leave a comment and share the love.

Bubbl.us rocks for brainstorming and mind mapping!

I have started playing around with using mind maps to try and brainstorm, group my thoughts, and organize everything overall but I hate the fact of having to download and install software, then having to spend a bunch of time trying to learn it.

Awhile back I ran across Bubbl.us which describes itself as a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online.  Within 15 seconds of hitting the homepage I was already brainstorming and creating a mind map online with and actually somewhat enjoying it.  This application is simple to use, very user friendly, and has a great gui.  Definitely an benefit to the web in my opinion.

Not only those benefits, but from looking at the front page I noticed I can embed the created mind maps into my blog.  Maybe I will have to try throwing a few mindmaps in a post here and there.  I think they can really help to explain some things that can’t be said in words.

Anyways, I wanted to start posting some useful tools here and there so there you go.