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Affiliate Summit East 2009 in New York City

I will be heading out to ASE in NYC early tomorrow morning, should hit the big apple around 5pm or so.

I know a lot of people have contacted me about meetings and whatnot, but I’ve been really busy and haven’t been able to “schedule” everything with everyone ahead of time.  If you want to meet up either email me or give my cell a call!

See you all out there, hope your ready for a good time!


Have any questions? Let me know on the forums and I will answer you personally!

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  1. JasperP, 8. August 2009, 3:53

    “Let’s meet up. I’m a network. We have exclusive offers and the highest payouts in the industry.” blah blah blah. lol

    Seriously though, I’ll look out for ya.

  2. List Building Blog, 9. September 2009, 9:15

    Good luck to the trip by the way.. I am sure that’s a fun experience and
    a new learning…That seems to be exciting and I am just hoping I could join such event.


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