Dennis Yu will slam dunk all over your page!

After reading all of the Dennis Yu drama going on right now, and mixing it with a bit of boredom, my employee decided to prank a friend in the industry… Enjoy!

P.S. I had to edit out a couple words for privacy issues.

Dennis Yu Prank

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  1. LOL. Meanie… why won’t he let Dennis manage his Facebook campaigns?

    What was the last thing “Dennis” said. Maybe my ears are just bad but I couldn’t understand it.

  2. Well it says: have a marvelous rainb…..then cuts off.

    What “Dennis” actually said was….Have a Marvelous Rainbowy Day Nick

  3. I was waiting for nick to be like “more exposure? take off your pants and meatspin the industry then”. It didn’t come. sigh.

  4. When will the Yu drama end. Nice that Nick fell for the robot voice

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