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Dennis Yu will slam dunk all over your page!

After reading all of the Dennis Yu drama going on right now, and mixing it with a bit of boredom, my employee decided to prank a friend in the industry… Enjoy!

P.S. I had to edit out a couple words for privacy issues.

Dennis Yu Prank


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  1. Justin Dupre, 16. November 2009, 20:50

    LOL. Meanie… why won’t he let Dennis manage his Facebook campaigns?

    What was the last thing “Dennis” said. Maybe my ears are just bad but I couldn’t understand it.

  2. Trevor, 17. November 2009, 9:29

    Well it says: have a marvelous rainb…..then cuts off.

    What “Dennis” actually said was….Have a Marvelous Rainbowy Day Nick

  3. Contempt, 17. November 2009, 12:33

    I was waiting for nick to be like “more exposure? take off your pants and meatspin the industry then”. It didn’t come. sigh.

  4. Brian Hawkins, 18. November 2009, 13:51

    When will the Yu drama end. Nice that Nick fell for the robot voice

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